Verses of Praise to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III- Returning

Verses of Praise to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III- Returning

Verses of Praise to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III– Returning


Once confused on my path and the time wasted

Lost on the way of life

Once wondering

True nature is tainted by afflictions

At times the mind is ignorant

At times the cloth is wet by tears of suffering

Helpless in the ocean of heavy karma

Difficult to awake from the dream



Time flees and impermanence rushes

The wonderer weeps and yearns to return

Searching and searching for liberation

Alas! Buddhist demons are everywhere

Spawning in every affair

Ordinary earthlings boast holiness giving sutra talks

Living beings’ roots of wisdom fall short in this dharma-ending age

Superstition and blind belief cut off ways of learning



A flashing light thunders through the clouds

Penetrating the sky and lighting the dark

The greatly compassionate ancient Buddha descends to the Saha World

As if a lost child finds his mother

His kind and patient teachings move our hearts

The dharma wheel is personally turned to enlighten Original Nature

The dharma on true cultivation

The Mahamudra of Liberation

The confusion is cleared



The dharma voice and the announcements deliver essential teachings

The Heart Sutra expounds absolute truth

Patiently the principles of the dharma are explained

Multitudes of Buddhist disciples come back to the correct path

Beginingless nightmares finally are awakened

A clear direction is seen at the fork in the road

Practice according to the teachings

Learn the correct understanding and views

One will then break the eons of reincarnations



Universally practice the six paramitas

Plant the seeds of Bodhi

The Four Limitless States of Mind

Diligently practice the two Heart Essences



Propagate the dharma, benefit living beings, and enlighten all sentient beings

Seize the good time in this life

Cut off the worldly emotions

Exert more effort

Cherish the presence of the ancient Buddha

Attainment and liberation can be certain in this life

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