The Mala Returned to the Practitioners Miraculously due to their Devotion

The Mala Returned to the Practitioners Miraculously

due to their Devotion

One night in August of 2008, my wife drove home and pulled over at the street outside of our house. She was on the phone with her sister in China. Because of the hot weather, she put away the mala on her wrist, placed it on the car seat, and opened the windows. The next day, after she woke up, she could not find her mala. She then recalled that she was on the phone with her sister in the car. She said to me, “I might have forgotten the mala in the car.” She hurried to the car to look for it. She went through the whole car and still could not find it. As she raised her head, she found out that the right rear window was open. She then realized that the situation had gotten serious. Somebody must have stolen the mala since she forgot to close the window.

This is a very beautiful Buddhist mala made of multi-colored stones. What makes it precious is that it has been empowered by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. We regard it as priceless. After my wife got back, she was very frustrated. She sat on the chair and stayed silent for a long time. I kind of complained to her, “Look, how can you be so careless? You should not have misplaced it.” She remained silent. I did not say more, knowing that she was already very upset. I comforted her, “There is nothing else to do since it’s already lost. I’ll get another one for you.” Upon hearing this, she burst into tears. She mumbled, “This is a mala empowered by the Buddha. Where else can you find another one like this?” I was stunned by her outburst. I tried to calm her down and said,” Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I’ll get another one for you for now. Then, we’ll have to wait for another karmic condition for the blessing.”

Ever since, my wife always had regret. She often complained, “I’ve lost such a good mala!” Two months later, one day, my wife was about to fix a button. She took out the sewing box and yelled out, “Come look! Come look! My mala!” I ran over and saw the multi-colored stone mala in her hand. Her face was lit up with joy. She wondered, “That’s strange. How can my mala end up here? It’s impossible that I’ll ever put the mala in the sewing box! That’s odd, very odd!” She mumbled as she tried to figure it out, but, I know that deep inside her heart, she was very happy.

Then, it dawned on me that this is a true manifestation of the almighty power of the Buddha Dharma. I have read many testimonials of the manifestations of Buddha Dharma and holy feats. Yet, I have never encountered one personally. I thought it had to be the sincere devotion and repentance of my wife that invoked the compassion of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The Dharma protectors had sent the priceless mala which had been empowered by the Buddha back to us. I immediately said to my wife, “Come on, let’s go and prostrate to thank the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.”

From the incident, I deeply realized that Buddha Dharma is true and not false. It is limitless. As long as we have the pure and sincere heart for the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, they will definitely empower us and make our wishes come true. My faith has also deepened. I am determined to cherish the rare and auspicious karmic condition in this life time. I will follow closely with H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, study hard and cultivate. I will persist on a practice in accordance with the teachings. I will fight to realize the ultimate Bodhi and attain liberation. With true realized virtue and power, I will take on the mission of the Tathagatha- the great Buddhist career of saving all beings.

I hereby swear that what I have just mentioned is true and not false. If ever I speak falsely and deceive the public, I will degenerate to the Vajra Hell. If my praises of the magnificent Buddha Dharma are true, I hope to dedicate the merits to my Buddha master and all sentient beings in the three spheres and the six realms. May the Dharma wheel of the Buddha turn forever.

May the Buddha Dharma shine universally to everyone in the world. May all sentient beings in the three spheres and six realms be given the opportunities to listen to the correct Dharma of Dorje Chang Buddha. May we all realize Bodhi together. Amitabha!

By Renqin Sangbo

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