Recognitions and Congratulations – From PENGCUO RINPOCHE

Most honorable H.H. Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Buddha Vajradhara Dharma King:

First, on behalf of all of the monks in our temple, I convey my warmest congratulations to H.H. Great Dharma King for the publication of A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma— A Collection of H.H. Yangwo Wan Ko Yisinubu’s Accomplishments Manifesting Complete Proficiency in Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism and Perfect Mastery of the Five Vidyas!

Since the time the world-honored Sakyamuni taught the dharma, there have been countless great Bodhisattvas and great masters who, having received the Buddha’s teachings, came to this earthly world of birth, aging, sickness, and death in order to expound and propagate the sutras and save living beings. However, a great wish of the Buddha was that accomplishments in the Five Vidyas be shown to living beings in order to lead living beings onto the path of Buddhist self-cultivation. In this regard, H.H. Great Dharma King is the greatest holy being in this earthly realm!

H.H. Great Dharma King possesses perfect compassion and wisdom. His Holiness does not shirk toil or hardship in the pursuit of teaching and edifying living beings. We should take H.H. Great Dharma King as our eternal model, forever propagate the dharma, and pervasively save sentient beings.

Pengcuo Rinpoche

July 5, 2006

** H.H. Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and previously known as Master Wan Ko Yee


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