Recognitions and Congratulations – From H.H. DHARMA KING TRULSHIK


  His Holiness Buddha Vajradhara (Dorje Chang Buddha) Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu:

  I recently learned that the book about you, A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma, was published a long time ago. The content of that book includes the traditional Tibetan five major vidyas and five minor vidyas. In terms of modern branches of learning, the book involves more than thirty different branches of learning.

  Thus, I entered samadhi and visualized the Three Jewels—the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha. I pervasively spread bodhicitta and wished that all living beings would realize the supreme, absolute truth and Buddhahood. May the propagation of A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma be the karmic condition whereby living beings in the three spheres leave the sufferings of reincarnation and obtain the fruit of wonderful happiness. It will become the cause whereby each sentient being who has descended into the abyss of the six realms of reincarnation leaves suffering and attains happiness.

  I hereby specially convey my respectful congratulations!

  Buddhist monk Ngawang Chokyi Lodro, having the undeserved name of Khenpo Zhalong Trulshik Shatrul

  Written on the auspicious day of June 28, 2007

     H.H. Dharma King Kyabje Trulshik Chokyi Lodro is one of the most accomplished masters of the Nyingma sect in the present age. He is also one of the few remaining great masters of Tibetan Buddhism who has real and extensive knowledge, real training, and true cultivation. He is a lineage holder of many important dharma lineages. He is a great dharma king who does not distinguish among the various sects of Buddhism. H.H. Dharma King Trulshik and the most magnificent modern dharma kings of Buddhism, such as the H.H. Dudjom Dharma King and H.H. Dharma King Dilgo Khyentse, have been masters and disciples of one another. H.H. Dharma King Trulshik also taught the dharma of many lineages to the 16th Karmapa. He is a personal master of H.H. the Dalai Lama as well as a master of the most recent reincarnation of the H.H. Dudjom Dharma King, H.H. Dharma King Dilgo Khyentse, and H.E. Dharma King Tulku Ugyen.


  Many rinpoches had different views concerning which great Bodhisattva H.H. Dharma King Trulshik was the incarnation of. Thus, the International Buddhism Sangha Association held an unprecedented Drawing Lots From a Golden Vase Ceremony to affirm the true reincarnated identity of H.H. Dharma King Trulshik and others. There were ten possible identities recognized by various rinpoches. One lot was drawn from among 120 lots to affirm the true reincarnated identity of H.H. Dharma King Trulshik. That drawing affirmed that H.H. Dharma King Trulshik is the nirmanakaya of Maitreya Bodhisattva, which is the reincarnated identity that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III recognized before that lot was drawn. 



  In history, H.H. Dharma King Trulshik incarnated as Thonmi Sambhota, who created the Tibetan written language. Later, he incarnated as the great translation master Bairotsana, who was one of the twenty-five major disciples of Guru Padmasambhava. H.H. Dharma King Trulshik will be the next Buddha of this Good Eon (Bhadra-kalpa) of one thousand Buddhas. At that time, all of his disciples who heard him expound the Buddha-dharma will attain accomplishment in the dharma. 



  The dharma king was born on September 10, 1924, the year of the wooden rat, which was the exact birthday of Guru Padmasambhava. He was born in Wengre Cave, which is a holy place of cultivation in southern Tibet. Many auspicious phenomena appeared at the time of his birth. The father of the dharma king, Dianjin Queda, was a practitioner of yoga. His mother, Jiangyang Wangmu, was a descendent of Zhangba Jialei, who was the first Drukpa Dharma King and founder of the magnificent Drukpa lineage. 



  The dharma king was extraordinary ever since childhood, especially with respect to his deep self-cultivation. When he was four years old, his master, Zhachu Rinpoche (who was a disciple H.H. Dharma King Trulshik personally taught in his previous life as Trulshik Dongak Lingpa), invited him to the Zhalongpu Monastery in the Latuo Xueka District. At that time and place, memories of his prior life spontaneously welled up in the mind of the dharma king. He recounted in detail past events of that prior lifetime. Zhachu Rinpoche had personally witnessed those past events of his former master. Zhachu Rinpoche wept as he orally corroborated each of those events without exception. Zhachu Rinpoche was truly astonished by this and firmly believed that this boy must be the incarnation of Trulshik Dongak Lingpa. After the rinpoche practiced the Selection of Karmic Affinity Dharma, he affirmed that the boy was undoubtedly the incarnation of Trulshik Dongak Lingpa. From that point on, the rinpoche was the root teacher of the boy, guiding him and teaching him dharma that the rinpoche learned from the boy in the boy’s prior life. 



  At the Mindrolling Monastery, the dharma king engaged in extensive learning. He received all of the monk precepts from his precept masters Cuikenqiong Rinpoche and Mindrolling Kenqian Khyentse Norbu according to the “Formal Pronouncement on Precepts” lineage passed down from Laqian Qianba Lasa. Present-day dharma kings unanimously agree that H.H. Dharma King Trulshik is one of the most important lineage-holders of this lineage. H.H. Dharma King Trulshik holds three types of precepts that are on different levels: the Pratimoksa precepts, the Bodhisattva precepts, and the precepts for tantric masters. The dharma king is one who truly wears a golden precept robe. Not only does he abide by the precepts for monks, he also completely abides by all of the Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana precepts. That is why he deserves to be called a “holder of the Vajra Three Secrets Vows.” H.H. Dharma King Trulshik is the main transmitter of the monastic vows within the Nyingma lineage.



  The dharma king has received teachings on the sutras and tantras, as well as other teachings. He has visited famous masters in many places to learn Buddha-dharma, including over thirty famous masters who belong to ancient and modern sects of esoteric Buddhism. The dharma king has studied all of the dharma teachings of these important lineages and has put them into practice. He still learns assiduously even after he completed a strict three-year retreat. Accepting the request of Zhachu Rinpoche, the dharma king became the khenpo of the Zhalong Dongga Qielin Monastery, where he is responsible for upholding, protecting, and spreading the dharma. 



  Throughout his whole life, the dharma king has wholeheartedly cultivated himself in retreat. Every day he abstains from speaking until 10:00 in the morning. Each year the dharma king goes into retreat in his own temple for as much as nine months. All of the great Tibetan rinpoches acknowledge that as a master of masters, the dharma king has the greatest abilities and power to clearly point out the way leading to realization of one’s original nature. That is why extremely virtuous masters send their capable disciples to the dharma king in order to seek teachings and empowerment. 



  H.H. Dharma King Trulshik has vast and profound learning. His practice is solid and flawless. He is unassuming and amiable. No one in today’s world can match his profound experience, training, and realization. Many practitioners of the various sects regard him as a venerable Dharma King Master with limitless wisdom and vast supernatural powers. H.H. Dharma King Trulshik has recognized the identities of the person who is the incarnation of H.H. Dharma King Dilgo Khyentse, the person who is the incarnation of H.E. Dharma King Tulku Ugyen, and persons who are incarnations of other important rinpoches. He has also transmitted dharma to and performed initiations for such people. The dharma king is a magnificent practitioner of the Great Perfection Dharma and a magnificent accomplished one in our current age. He is a model master of this century with disciples spread all over the world.


H.H. Dalai Lama and his master, H.H. Trulshik Rinpoche


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