Recognitions and Congratulations – From H.E. RENZENG NIMA RINPOCHE

Certificate of Recognition

  In accordance with the Terma Dharma of the Urgyen second Buddha, Guru Padmasambhava, I entered samadhi and received the empowerment of countless Buddhas of the Fortunate Age. I saw that H.H.MasterWan Ko Yee, who is the son of father Zhonghai Yee and mother Kunfang Xu, is the true incarnation of Dorje Chang Buddha. Dorje Chang Buddha has incarnated in this world two times: The first incarnation was Dorje Chang Buddha II, the holy and venerable Vimalakirti. The second incarnation is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu.

  May all living beings be benefited by the dharma teachings of the greatest leader of Buddhism in the dharmadhatu, H.H. DorjeChang Buddha III, and may they thereby soon become Buddhas. 

  Renzeng Nima

  August 15, 2005

In Tibet, everyone knows and respects the name Renzeng Nima, which literally means “Accomplishment as bright as the sun.” Renzeng Nima is a great practitioner and dharma king who has transcended the mundane world. Twenty-five years ago he made a vow not to take a step out of the mountain valley in which he meditates. That was the first time that anyone, even an eminent monk, had vowed to isolate himself from the dust of the mundane world and remain a hermit his whole life. Can we imagine what state of realization a person would need to reach to be able to turn his back on all the advantages and allures of the world and cast himself in a secluded mountain valley for the rest of his life? This is a great practitioner who truly secludes himself from the mundane world. The dharma king does not have the slightest sign of greed toward the mundane world. He has set himself as a role model for people to emulate. He is indifferent toward worldly fame and wealth. This dharma king has provided a model for us all of how to renounce the ego and all desire for the mundane world.

  Who is this great, pure, holy being? He is the Mighty Lion Dharma King of esoteric Tibetan Buddhism, one of the greatest terma masters of the Nyingma sect. He is the nirmanakaya of King Gesar, hero of Tibet’s great epic saga. Guru Padmasambhava took birth as a child of Vajravarahi. That child from the Heaven of the Thirty-Three Gods was King Tuiba Gawa Gesar. When conveying congratulations to King Gesar, Guru Padmasambhava stated many times, “King Gesar is my nirmanakaya.” Thus, Mighty Lion Dharma King is the nirmanakaya of Guru Padmasambhava. Moreover, the International Buddhism Sangha Association held an unprecedented Drawing Lots From a Golden Vase Ceremony to affirm the true reincarnated identity of H.E. Dharma King Renzeng Nima and others. There were ten possible identities recognized by various rinpoches. One lot was drawn from among 120 lots to affirm the true reincarnated identity of H.E. Dharma King Renzeng Nima. That drawing affirmed that H.E. Dharma King Renzeng Nima is the nirmanakaya of King Gesar, which is the reincarnated identity that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III recognized before that lot was drawn.

  H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King Rengzeng Nima was born in 1931 amidst an array of miraculous phenomena. When he was born, his swaddling clothes formed the shape of a monk’s robes. Before his birth, Anie Kanbu Danqu Wose gave his mother a figure of the historical Buddha (Sakyamuni) and a string of sandalwood prayer beads, and prophesied, “Your son will be a great and honored master of these goods.” From the time he was small, the dharma king effortlessly mastered all the Buddhist sutras. As a small child, when he frolicked in the lake, those around him often witnessed a jade dragon descending into the water to play hide and seek with him. On one occasion, the local people were afflicted with inflamed intestines. The dharma king saw that they were possessed by monsters and zombies. As he strove to conquer the monsters, three dharma protecting deities manifested as his assistants and many amazing scenes transpired.

  As a youth, the dharma king manifested the ability to fly. Once, when practicing a dharma in the Dakini Division, the qi entered his heart and he ascended into the air. He flew to the second Zari Zaduorikuo Mountain in Duokang area, the home of the great secluded yoga master Yaxu Khenpo Luozhe. When he arrived, the great master Urygen Second Buddha Guru Padmasambhava and two of his disciples came over to meet him with smiling faces. In his hands, Guru Padmasambhava carried a letter and a box and gave to the dharma king all his teachings. Guru Padmasambhava then turned into a beam of light and entered the dharma king’s body. At once, five mountains at that area turned into five Buddhas, five lakes turned into Buddha mothers, and the trees and flowers turned into imposing spots of brilliant light. The next day, the terrain reverted to its original appearance.

  All his life, H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King has studied the teachings of many virtuous masters. Among the vast array of Buddhists texts and sutras he has studied are “The Teachings of Samantabhadra,” “A Point by Point Commentary on the Dignity of the Middle Perspective,” “The Overall Meaning of Buddhist Teaching that Shake the World Like a Lion’s Roar,” “Commentary on Prajna,” “Introduction to the Rest of the Temperament,” “Three Rests,” “Three Eliminations of Sound,” “Seven Treasures of Longqin Buddhist Law,” “Addendum to Requirements of the Mind,” “Explication of the Three Goodnesses,” “Three Precepts,” “Commentary on Fixing Quantities,” “Basic Cultivation of Upholding Brilliant Foundations,” “The Essence of Using the Tongue and the Mind,” “Secrets of Success,” “Dealing With the Aftermath,” “Collected Classics on Great Universalism,” “Commentary on Collected Scriptures,” “Initiations,” “Dharma of Brightness,” “Eliminating Darkness From Ten Directions,” “Tranquil Sound of Dragon Chanting,” “Buddha’s Great Yoga Teachings Sutra,” “Hidden Treasures,” “The True Meaning of the Four Branches of Sutra,” “Seventeen Parts,” “The True Meaning of the Two Divisions,” “Collected Works of Bazhu,” “Broad Commentary on Levels of Bodhi Path,” “The Wide and Deep Secret Meaning of Commentaries on ‘Entering the Middle Way,” “Mapeng Profound Hidden Dharma,” “Three Rites Prescribing Cultivation of the Soul,” “The Brilliant King of the Red Horse Head,” “Black Horse Iron-Surrounding Mountain,” “Wu Jian Flying God of Wealth,” “Collected Works of Ju Weipang,” and “Outstanding and Brilliant Sutras.” The dharma king serves as a model, showing all living beings that any who would practice Buddhism must deeply engage with the sutras and tantras.

  When the dharma king prays and meditates deep in the mountains, the dharma-protecting vajra deities protect the dharma king as if someone were right there with him. All sorts of amazing scenes have transpired. Sometimes the dharma king transformed himself into birds to create prophecies; offerings of food turned into nectar; and five types of nectar boiled away.

  Although the Mighty Lion Dharma King never leaves his mountain retreat, he has utilized supernatural powers to elucidate in over twenty dispatches such deep, mysterious and precious works as Mahayoga, Anuyoga, Atiyoga, and the bow and arrows of King Gesar.

  A rinpoche praised the dharma king saying, “You are a rare and great paragon of virtue in the contemporary world of dharma!” However, the Mighty Lion Dharma King, who is the reincarnation of King Gesar, calmly replied, “I am just a Tibetan practitioner of Buddhism who assiduously cultivates myself for the coming world and deeply realizes the law of cause and effect.” The greatness, brilliance, and selflessness of this paragon of virtue evoke the esteem and respect of countless Buddhists.

  Now that the reputation of H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King Renzeng Nima has pervaded the entire world, a multitude of rinpoches and khenpos do not hesitate to undertake journeys of thousands of miles to undertake conversion as his disciples. The mountains surrounding the valley in which he has secluded himself are now covered with these rinpoches. They all orient the renovated sides of their dwellings to the solitary meditation area of H.E. Dharma King Renzeng Nima. Among them, in their “An account of Master Nianlong,” the renowned disciples Nianlong Rinpoche and Dakini Deri Lamao recount that when Master Nianlong and his wife first paid fealty to H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King as their master, they saw him in a supernatural state as the real blue-black Maha Vajradhara (a master of great Budhisattvas). Actually, H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King used his supernatural powers to reveal this appearance to his disciple Nianlong. His true identity is not that of Maha Vajradhara but that of King Gesar. H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King possesses great supernatural powers. Whenever Tibetan and Chinese eminent rinpoches and monks, and even local government officials, run into difficult problems, they all beseech H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King for advice.

  In the summer of 2006, H.E. Mighty Lion Dharma King saw the true identity of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata. He then stood up, performed rites of respect, put on his dharma king robe and crown that he had not worn for a long time, and wrote a recognition certificate. That certificate stated that he had personally seen that the ancient Buddha had descended into the world.

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