Recognitions and Congratulations – From GREAT KHENPO GONGCHENG


  At a time when the Buddha-dharma and worldly dharma flourish, the ancient Buddha incorporated the good fortune and wisdom of all Buddhas. Buddha Vajradhara transformed into H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha IIIYangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu, who came to this world of sentient beings in order to propagate Buddha-dharma, benefit and provide happiness to sentient beings, spread the true dharma, and eliminate the ignorance that shrouds the good roots of sentient beings. The monumental work A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma about His Holiness, an ancient Buddha, has completely incorporated both exoteric and esoteric Buddhism. It is as if living beings have received the rain of nectar through the propagation of A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma.

  Thus, on behalf of all living beings, I wish that His Holiness, an ancient Buddha, forever live in this earthly realm and turn the wheel of the dharma everywhere!

  I hereby specially offer my congratulations!

  Great Khenpo Gongcheng of the Zhaxi Qutang Monastery

  June 1, 2007


** H.H. Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and previously known as Master Wan Ko Yee

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