Recognitions and Congratulations – From DUOZHU RINPOCHE

  I prostrate to H.H. Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu and His Holiness’s perfect mandala of Three Bodies and Four Wisdoms:

  The light of the sun illuminates subjects and objects

  The sweet springs of snowy mountains nourish everything in all directions

  The dharma king of tremendous holiness inspires awe throughout the Three Spheres

  The great wisdom of Buddha Vajradhara benefits living beings throughout the six realms

  We sincerely thank the Great Dharma King for blessing us and all living beings with the highest blessing by enabling us to enjoy the book about His Holiness’s complete proficiency in exoteric and esoteric Buddhism and perfect mastery of the Five Vidyas. This is the best Buddhist book. Buddha Vajradhara’s great mastery of the sound vidya, the inner realization vidya, and the causality (logic) vidya represents the highest level of Buddha-dharma with respect to manifesting the Five Vidyas. The Great Dharma King is the true Buddha Vajradhara Master!

  We are extremely joyful that the ancient Buddha has come to this world, that He turns His dharma wheel everywhere, and that He liberates all living beings! 

  Duozhu Rinpoche

  July 5, 2006

** H.H. Yangwo Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and previously known as Master Wan Ko Yee



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