Philosophical Sayings About Worldly Matters

  H.H. Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata is the true incarnation of Dorje ChangBuddha. His Holiness possesses the state of realization and virtue that entails the Three Bodies and Four Wisdoms of a Buddha. His Holiness is able to “manifest the universe on the tip of a hair and store limitless worlds in a grain of sand.” In worldly terms, this state of realization and virtue is reflected in His Holiness’s profound and vast knowledge, noble moral character, mastery of both ancient and modern learning, and status as a great figure in contemporary times and the highest Buddha.

  His Holiness’s philosophical thoughts are truly comprehensive and deep, containing practical wisdom about worldly matters that benefit living beings. These philosophical sayings are different from profound Buddhist teachings contained in this book, such as Sutra on Understanding and Realizing Definitive Truth, Debate Between a Monk and a Laywoman, What is Cultivation?, and the listed recorded discourses on the Buddha-dharma. These maxims on worldly matters are one of His Holiness’s outstanding contributions to mankind. The tremendous erudition and nobility of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III are reflected in his profound philosophical thoughts. 

  The philosophical thoughts of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III are based upon the supreme and holiest wisdom of this ancient Buddha, His Holiness’s thorough understanding of the ultimate truths of human life and the universe, and His Holiness’s practice of what he preaches. They express the highest level of civilization and morality. As a result, these philosophical thoughts are maxims containing the essence of truth. If one seriously studies them and deeply reflects upon them, one will reap tremendous educational benefits and mental development from the transcendent wisdom and moral integrity of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, who has fathomed the subtleties underlying all phenomena. That is one reason why these philosophical sayings have the ability to move and inspire others and why they are widely admired.

  In response to the requests of many people and in order to facilitate learning and understanding, more than ten years ago the Office of the Secretary of Master Wan Ko Yee together with Yiyun Chen (who is an assistant researcher at the Sociology Research Institute within the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) selected from His Holiness’s writings some of His Holiness’s philosophical sayings and added to them brief commentaries. That was later made into a book that was published and distributed by China Social Sciences Academic Press. Out of caution, they requested that H.H. Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata expound upon those philosophical sayings. The explanations H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III gave were extremely detailed and complete. None of those detailed explanations are included in this category.

  We believe that these philosophical sayings are a cultural treasury. We hope that everyone will obtain from them abundant knowledge and a pure moral character. We hope that they will benefit mankind and provide mankind with good fortune and wisdom. If you study them with all your heart and mind and put them into practice, you will experience limitless beneficial effects.

  Because of limited space, we have included only one brief commentary of a philosophical saying as an example, although all of the original philosophical sayings themselves are included. In 2002, World Dharma Voice, Inc. in the United States republished and began distributing around the world a book in Chinese on philosophical sayings of H.H. Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiness Tathagata entitled Brief Commentaries on Selected Philosophical Sayings of Master Wan Ko Yee.

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